9/26/23 Weekly Announcements

We're back!!

Some of us have already been out on the ice, and is sure does feel good to be back! It's great seeing some familiar faces, along with new faces. We look forward to a great season!

Here are the updates:

1. SignUps!!  - Looking to plug in? Check out the SignUpGenius links. They have corporate events, ice help, and everything in between. There's something for everyone to get involved in. Sign Up Genius

2. Feeling Tipsy? - Help support our club getting the new dehumidifier by "tipping your bartenders". All tips will be going towards the abolish frost campaign!

Updates from our Webmaster:
Don't use Safari as a browser. It does not play nice with the new website. I am working with Warm Room Hero to address this, but Safari consistently has issues with functionality. I suggest using chrome.
I am aware that Sunday is not listed under upcoming leagues. I am working with Warm Room Hero to resolve this issue.
I am working to develop a wholistic view of each league night so curlers can see the whole schedule, standings and duties. This is in the works, but not here yet. Members can look at these individual sites for this information.

Friday Fun League- Fall

Thursday Night – Fall

Wednesday Night – Doubles- Fall

Trick Shot – Tuesday- Fall

Monday – Queen’s Cup- Fall


Sunday Sinners – Mixed Doubles- Fall

See you on the ice!!!

-Julie, Neil and the CCA Board

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