Membership in the Charlotte Curling Association

Charlotte Curling is always accepting new members!

We continue to grow each year and we would love for you to be part of all the exciting things that are happening with our group. Some of the many benefits of being a member include:

  • Ability to participate in leagues throughout the year (on a team or as a substitute) *
  • Participate in pickup/practice nights
  • Right to represent Charlotte in bonspiels
  • Use of all “house” equipment, such as brooms and sliders
  • Insurance that covers your curling activities with us
  • Membership in the Grand National Curling Club (GNCC), the US Curling Association (USCA), and US Women’s Curling Association (USWCA)
  • Discounted rates for Charlotte Curling pins ($2.50 per pin)

* Separate League and Sub Fees apply

Applying for Membership

Becoming a member is easy. All that’s needed are:

** For members age 17 and younger

The Annual Membership Fee is $89 per person. There is no profit from this fee; this is the cost of all insurance we are required to carry by the GNCC and USCA. You may mail a check along with your Membership Form(s) or you can pay below via PayPal ($3 processing fee applies).

Pay Your Membership Fee With PayPal

Total: $92 ($89 fee plus $3 processing)

Your Name:

You may also mail your $89 check with your form to:
Charlotte Curling Association
145 B Cupped Oak Drive
Stallings, NC 28104


Members of the Charlotte Curling Association can use the form below to order nametags. You have a choice of a magnet back (recommended) or a pin back, and both types cost $20 (plus a 3% fee via PayPal). Just choose your nametag type and provide the exact spelling that you want on the nametag.
We batch-order the nametags and each order can take up to 6 weeks to process, so we will get the nametag to you as soon as possible!

Type of nametag
Exact spelling on nametag

Charlotte Curling FAQ’s

How is the money from league fees spent?
Why does it only cost $10 to play pickup games?
Could we just do pickup games and forget league play?
Does my membership fee cover part of the ice cost for league play?
What are the other costs are there to running a club?
Is curling more expensive than playing other ice sports?
Where can I find your club Bylaws?

Q: How is the money from league fees spent?

A: Ice rental at any Ice House is expensive. When we hold a league, we are renting the ice for the time it takes our league to set up, play, and break down, which is roughly 3 hours. We are very fortunate that XIC is working with us in several ways to bear this expense, however, ice rental still costs us hundreds of dollars per night of league play.

Q: Why does it only cost $10 to play pickup games?

A: Pickup games are only possible when XIC has not been able to book the ice. XIC charges less than what the ice actually costs them per hour in order to bring people in the door. For them, some people on the ice at $10 per head is better than no people on the ice at all. What they lose in ice rental fees they recover in bar sales when our group comes to play. However, it is a break-even situation for them at best. Again, this is the generosity of XIC at work here. They have offered us this in order to help promote the sport of curling.

Q: Could we just do pickup games and forget league play?

A: No. XIC only offers pickup games for groups that are utilizing the ice for league play as well. Remember, they only break even at best when we do pickup and they need to survive as a business. In addition, leagues are a part of our sport. Curling is a competitive sport and one of our goals is to foster the growth of this sport to hopefully one day send a team to Olympic play-downs! You can’t do this with informal play.

Q: Does my membership fee cover part of the ice cost for league play?

A: No. Membership fees only cover the cost of insurance required for us to carry by our governing bodies: The GNCC and The USCA.

Q: What other costs are there to running the Charlotte Curling Association?

A: Other costs include: Purchased and rented rock sets, liability and specialty insurance specifically for the rocks, general insurance for all assets, fees to the USCA and GNCC, and curling equipment such as brooms, stabilizers, and sliders.

Q: Is curling more expensive than playing other ice sports?

A: Actually, no. Adult hockey leagues can cost hundreds of dollars per season, not counting the equipment each player must buy for themselves. Figure skating can run into the thousands with private lessons, cost of skates, costumes, etc. Compared to those sports, curling is far less expensive!

Q: Where can I find your Bylaws?

A: Right here.

Please visit the Contact Us page if you have any further questions.