Membership in the Charlotte Curling Association

We continue to grow each year and we would love for you to be part of all the exciting things that are happening with our group. Some of the many benefits of being a member include:

  • Ability to participate in CCA leagues throughout the year (on a team or as a substitute) *
  • Participate in pickup/practice nights
  • Right to represent Charlotte in bonspiels
  • Use of all “house” equipment, such as brooms and sliders
  • Insurance that covers your curling activities with us
  • Membership in the Grand National Curling Club (GNCC), the US Curling Association (USCA), and US Women’s Curling Association (USWCA)
  • Discounted rates for Charlotte Curling pins ($2.50 per pin)

* Separate league fees apply

Membership forms are now available!

The Charlotte Curling Association’s membership campaign for 2014-2015 is now open! Membership runs from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015. Please download the membership form located here (PDF), as well as the appropriate liability waiver (adult (PDF) or minor (PDF)) and choose one of the following two payment options:

  • Paper:
    1. Fill out the form, noting the fee structure on page 2.
    2. Send the completed form, waiver, and payment to:
      Charlotte Curling Association
      145B Cupped Oak Lane
      Stallings, NC 28104


  • Online:
    1. Select the appropriate membership type in the drop-down field below.
    2. Click “Add to cart” to continue to PayPal.
    3. From PayPal, if you want to add more memberships, click “continue shopping.” Otherwise, fill out the remaining information and complete the transaction.
    4. Record the receipt number from your transaction on the registration form.
    5. Scan the completed form and waiver and email them to, or mail them to the address above.

Note 1: The membership fees below include a 3% transaction fee for PayPal processing.
Note 2: The appropriate liability waiver(s) must be submitted for the membership application to be considered complete.
Membership Types and Rates, 2014-2015

Membership types

* Age as of September 1st, 2014
** Non-curling membership
Structure and rates approved by Board of Directors 6/31/14

Lifetime memberships

For a Lifetime membership (donation of $100,000 or more), please use the payment option below:

8-week sessions

Payment for 8-week sessions are $75 (check) and $77 (PayPal), and will be paid to the League Coordinators. More information coming soon as our league structure starts to take shape!

Charlotte Curling FAQ’s

Does my membership fee cover part of the ice cost for league play?
What are the other costs are there to running a club?
Is curling more expensive than playing other ice sports?
Where can I find your club Bylaws?

Q: Does my membership fee cover part of the ice cost for league play?

A: No. Membership fees only cover the cost of insurance required for us to carry by our governing bodies: The GNCC and The USCA.

Q: What other costs are there to running the Charlotte Curling Association?

A: Other costs include: Purchased and rented rock sets, liability and specialty insurance specifically for the rocks, general insurance for all assets, fees to the USCA and GNCC, and curling equipment such as brooms, stabilizers, and sliders.

Q: Is curling more expensive than playing other ice sports?

A: Actually, no. Adult hockey leagues can cost hundreds of dollars per season, not counting the equipment each player must buy for themselves. Figure skating can run into the thousands with private lessons, cost of skates, costumes, etc. Compared to those sports, curling is far less expensive!

Q: Where can I find your Bylaws?

A: Right here.

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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