Curling Instructional Series


The Curling Instructional Series is a 4 week rotation of skill building that expands on the information and skills received during a Learn To Curl session.

An individual who has completed a Learn To Curl class can join at any time in the first four week period and pick up the missed sessions on the next four week rotation.


The Curling Instructional Series fee is $50 for 4 weeks and includes a Temporary 4 Week Membership. All fees must be paid by the start of the first event played.


This will be an individual sign up instructional session (couples and family members will be paired together if requested) for recent Learn To Curl participants ONLY. Players must be at least 18 years old (or 16 years old if playing with parents).

Because this is an instructional session, there will be no scoring. All games played will be pickup games with teams being made weekly. The games will focus on skill development while also learning more about the game of curling.

These sessions take place on one day a week (if the demand is there we may add another day in the future):

Structure & Series Rules and Guidelines

  • Show up at least 15 minutes prior to your draw time in order to help prepare the ice and start on time.
  • The first 30-60 minutes will be devoted to clinics to help develop a different curling skill each week. Examples include: Delivery, Sweeping, Types of Shots (Draws, Guards, Takeouts, etc), Speed of Play, and Game Etiquette (what to do after your shot, while other team is deliverying, etc).
  • The remaining time will be spent playing a short game, approximately 4-6 ends.
  • Experienced players will be on-hand to give in-game advice/instruction to help further develop the new curlers skill and understanding of the game.
  • All players will be required to ensure the cleanliness of the club at completion of play every week.


Transition a new curler from a recent Learn To Curl to a league format through skill development.


Participants must have completed a Learn To Curl within the past 6 months.

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