Wednesday Night Practice League


Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. There will be a practice night in the Fall and Spring sessions.

Registration is open to members of the Charlotte Curling Association. Registration for this practice night does not mean you have to commit to every week, it just lets us know you are interested and will add you to the weekly information email.

Open Spots

Up to 32 individual spots per week. We have Corporate Events on Wednesdays so availability will be provided in the weekly information email.


We all enjoy curling. Would you like to make more accurate shots? Would you like to be more consistent? It is hard to be consistent when you throw 2 stones every 15 minutes (a draw then a takeout or a takeout then a guard). This practice league will allow you to come out and work on specific parts of your game with your curling friends. You CAN Improve. Have another curler record you on a cell phone video so you can see yourself. Example practice drills will be provided (see examples below).

Practice Night Rules and Guidelines

Upon arrival each Wednesday night we will break up into groups to practice together. Each group, individually, will decide how they will practice.

Example Practice Drills

Picket Fences

Roll Over


Polo Driving

Pop Goes the Weasel

League Coordinator

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