Thursday Night Open League


Thursday nights at 6:45pm for the first draw and 9:00pm for the second draw. There will be a league in the Fall and Spring sessions.

Registration is open to members of the Charlotte Curling Association. Leagues are intended for adults (18 years or older). Curlers 14 years or older can curl in regular adult leagues with parental permission. Please contact the League Coordinator to discuss.

Open Spots

72 individual spots (18 teams)

Fall Registration Deadline

Friday, September 20th


League will be an individual sign up league, couples and family members will be paired together, if possible. No previous experience required and all genders eligible. Players must be at least 18 years old (or 16 years old if playing with parents). Teams will be set up by league coordinator prior to the start of the league and will be a traditional round robin league followed by a playoff. The team that wins the playoff will be crowned champion.

Structure & League Night Rules and Guidelines

  • Show up at least 15 minutes prior to your draw time in order to help prepare the ice and start on time.
  • All games will last no longer than 8 ends and/or 2 hours (i.e. last end must begin by 8:35pm when games start at 6:45pm and 10:50pm when games start at 9:00pm).
  • All players are responsible for finding their own subs.
  • All players will be required to ensure the cleanliness of the club at completion of the league play every week.
  • All players may be asked to help bartend at various times throughout the season.


  • To be one of the desirable nights to curl with family, friends or as an individual.
  • To have 20 teams following the rules of curling in a fun, social, and competitive league.
  • To gain curling experience through play, competition and instruction.

League Coordinator

Casey DenHartigh

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