Saturday Saints Mixed Doubles League


The curling draw starts at 6:30pm, with Crokinole to follow immediately. If there are enough teams for two curling draws, the second draw will start at 8:00pm. If you can show up at least 15 minutes prior to your draw time in order to help prepare the ice and start on time, that would be greatly appreciated. There will be a league in the Fall and Spring sessions.

Registration is open to members of the Charlotte Curling Association. Leagues are intended for adults (18 years or older). Curlers 14 years or older can curl in regular adult leagues with parental permission. Please contact the League Coordinator to discuss.

Open Spots

36 individual spots (18 teams) - If registering as a team, the members must be one of each gender.

Fall Registration Deadline

Friday, September 20th


This league is a mixed doubles Curling and Crokinole challenge. There is a max of 18 mixed doubles team spots, any more than 11 teams and there will be two draws. All curling and Crokinole skill levels are encouraged to play. Prior league experience is not necessary and all genders are welcome. Register as an individual or pair. If registering as a pair, both genders are required. Rinks will be created in an attempt to integrate and develop all new curlers.

Curling Rules

Curling games are a maximum 1.5 hours or 8 ends. If there are two draws, we will have 6 ended games. Ties will be broken by a single stone draw to the button, with teams allowed to sweep only their rock. Rinks must be comprised of at least 1 of the regular members or a forfeit results unless a make-up game has been arranged. A game may be played as "practice" on that sheet. You are responsible for finding subs if you are unable to make your game. If you are not able to find subs, you can reschedule your game with the other team and email me the final scores.

Crokinole Rules

Each rink will play a game of Crokinole against their opponent. Games will be to 100 points.

Scoring and League Standings

Standings will be calculated by a win/loss points system. Each team earns 6 points for winning the curling match and 2 points for winning the Crokinole match. At the end of the league, ties will be broken by head to head matchups. Towards the end of the league, the top teams will play against the top teams from the Sunday Sinners league.

Playoffs Against Sunday Sinners League

Top 4 teams from the Saturday Saints will play against the Sunday Sinners for the mixed doubles “A” Event and “B” Event finals. The playoffs will occur:

  • Fall Session – TBD

  • Spring Session – TBD

League Coordinators

Kent Estep and Lynna Estep

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