Queen's Cup League Silver (Sunday Night)


Sunday Night

Draw Times:

  • 5:00pm
  • 7:15pm

Registration is open to members of the Charlotte Curling Association. Leagues are intended for adults (18 years or older). Curlers 14 years or older can curl in regular adult leagues with parental permission. Please contact the League Coordinator to discuss.

Open Spots

The max number will be 18 teams (72 individual curlers).

League Structure, Rules and Guidelines

  • All teams that do not qualify for Gold Conference status are automatically placed in the Silver Conference.
  • Starting this year, substitutions can play lead, second, or vice. Skips must come from the original team.
  • Two team members are required each week. Failure to have two members will result in a forfeit. Make up games can be scheduled in advance to avoid forfeits.
  • Make up games can be scheduled any time there is free ice. Both skips must agree on the time and date and then they both must notify the league coordinator so there is no confusion concerning the make up game.
  • Ties will be broken by a single draw to the button (Skip Stones), offensive sweeping only. Anyone on the team can throw, it does not have to be the Skip.
  • Tie breakers: Total points will no longer be tracked. Teams will only need to report who won and whether or not the game ended by skip stones.
  • The tie breaking scoring will be calculated as follows:
    1. Win-Loss record
    2. Head to head
    3. Points (new):
      • 3 points for a win
      • 2 points for a skip stones win
      • 1 point for a skip stones loss
      • 0 points for a loss
    4. Skip stones
  • We are utilizing the new 5 rock rule this year. No rocks in the free guard zone can be removed before the 6th rock of the end.
  • League games are two hours or eight ends. Last rock has to be delivered by 8:45/11:00 for the Gold Conference and 7:00/9:15 for the Silver Conference. If last rocks are not delivered before time expires, the current end will be null and the final score will reflect the score in the previous end. The only exception is if the start of the games are delayed by ice prep. If that is the case, no game can start until all the sheets are prepared as to not give an advantage to any team. The 2 hour clock will start and all games will commence once the ice prepping team is ready to start.
  • Losing teams are responsible for mopping the ice.
  • Draw schedule and potential byes will be determined once the deadline to register has passed.
  • Show up at least 15-30 minutes prior to your draw time in order to help prepare the ice or to maintain the bar and start on time.
  • If a team is unable to start (less than 3 curlers) by 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, they will lose the end by 1 point and the hammer. If they are unable to start by 20 minutes after their start time, they will forfeit the game.

Expansion Format

The Queen's Cup League was started to increase the opportunity for newer curlers to participate in a competitive format. It is two nights (Sunday and Monday) with Monday being the upper or Gold Conference and Sunday be the lower or Silver Conference. The Silver Conference will be divided into divisions, who will play each other in a round robin format. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams from each division will move to a playoff and the remaining teams will play cross divisional games to determine the final standings.

At the conclusion of the session, the bottom team from the Gold Conference would not be allowed to return and the top team from the Silver Conference would have the opportunity to replace them. Also, the next bottom three teams in the Gold Conference will be encouraged to not return as constructed, which would give additional teams and players from the Silver Conference a chance to move up to the Gold Conference.

League Coordinator

Dave Coates


The Charlotte Curling Association is located at:

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