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Monday Night Queen's Cup League


Monday Nights

Draw Times:

  • 6:45pm must start final end by 8:30pm
    • The first rock of the final end must be released before 8:30pm. Final rock must be released before 8:45pm. If either does not occur, the score from the previous end is recorded as the score and the game is immediately over.
  • 9:00pm must start final end by 10:45pm
    • The first rock of the final end must be released before 10:45pm. Final rock must be released before 11:00pm. If either does not occur, the score from the previous end is recorded as the score and the game is immediately over.

Open Spots

The max number will be 18 teams (72 individual curlers).

League Structure, Rules and Guidelines

  • Teams must be made up of three to five players to play on Mondays.
  • If a tie occurs at the completion of 8 ends or at the expiration of time a draw shot will be conducted by one team member from each team. The team that scored last will throw first. Sweeping is only permitted from the team throwing. Vice-skips are solely responsible for determining which rock is closer even if they were the team member who delivered the rock. The team of the rock closer to the button wins the additional point in the standings.
  • A win will count as three (3) points, a tie won through the end of game draw shot will count as two (2) points, a tie lost through the end of game draw shot will count as one point (1), a loss as zero (0) points.
  • For a team to not forfeit a game, the team needs to have at least two (2) team members from the team roster playing.
  • Subs may be used but a sub can only play as lead or second. Max number of subs for one game is two (2).
  • Teams must have at least three players playing in each game to not forfeit (2 rostered members and 1 sub or three rostered members).
  • All games must be played on Monday night. There will be no makeup games if a team cannot field a legal team; they must forfeit and will receive zero (0) points. If both teams forfeit, then both teams will receive zero (0) points.
  • Every team is responsible for reporting their own results to the Monday Night League coordinator(s). A failure to report the results will be each team will receive zero (0) points for the game regardless of the game result.
  • Teams will periodically need to perform league night duties, such as ice maintenance, bartending, garbage, and locking up. Teams will be assigned these duties in advance and it will be published on the web site. It will be each team’s responsibility to ensure their duties are completed when assigned.
  • Throughout the year, our league will oversee corporate events that are held on Monday evenings. There will be a single draw at 9 pm after the corporate event. Please sign up to help with the corporate event if you are playing that night.
  • Playoffs will be the top four teams competing in a page playoff format after the completion of pool play. Pool Play completes when all teams have played all other teams (dependent on number of teams registered). The top four teams will have the greatest number of points. If a tie exists in number of points the order of ranking will be: 1) most wins 2) head to head results. If a tie still exists, then a Draw Shot Challenge will be done with all players delivering a draw to the button. Five (5) points will be awarded for a rock touching the button, four (4) points will be awarded for touching the 4 foot ring, three (3) points for the 8 foot, two (2) points for the 12 foot, one (1) point for in play but not touching the house and zero (0) points for a rock that does not end up in play.
  • We are utilizing the 5 rock rule this year. No rocks in the free guard zone can be removed before the 6th rock of the end.
  • Losing teams are responsible for mopping the ice after their game.
  • Players must show up at least 15 minutes prior to your draw time to help prepare the ice or to maintain the bar and start on time.
  • If a team is unable to start (less than 3 curlers) by 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, they will lose the first end by 1 point and the hammer. If they are unable to start by 15 minutes after their start time, they will forfeit the game.
  • There is no age limit for curlers to sub or be on a team.

Expansion Format

To increase the opportunity for newer teams and more competitive games, the team that finishes last for the league (team with the least amount of points, and including any tiebreakers listed above in the playoffs ranking section) will not be allowed to return as the same team. A minimum of half (2 players for a four-person team and 3 players for a five-person team) of the team must be different in the following season. It is highly recommended that the teams who finish in the bottom four should not return as constructed to encourage better and newer competitive teams.

League Coordinators

Tyler Wetzel and Lyle Kerrick

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