Korey Dropkin & Sarah Anderson Visit

Korey Dropkin & Sarah Anderson


USA Curling High Performance Program (HPP) members and 2-time USA mixed doubles champs Korey Dropkin and Sarah Anderson will be in Charlotte from January 24-26, 2020. They will be holding private coaching sessions, group mixed doubles clinics, and strength & conditioning sessions. We will also host a fundraising pizza dinner. All events are open to members of Charlotte Curling and other surrounding clubs. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and improve your game.

Below is a list of all the events and their costs:



Private Session (2 people)

$ 200.00

Semi-Private Session (4 people)

$ 300.00

Group Mixed Doubles Clinic (min. 10, max. 16)  

$   20.00

Curling Strength & Conditioning

$   15.00

Strategy Session & Fundraising Pizza Dinner

$   30.00


Help Korey and Sarah continue their quest to be Olympic Champions. This is an opportunity to help cover their team costs and to learn from some of the best USA mixed doubles curlers.


Below is the complete schedule for this event. Click HERE to go to the registration page.

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