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Hot Shots Curling Camp

The Charlotte Curling Association is excited to be hosting a Hot Shots Curling Camp on September 20-22, 2019. The camp will have a maximum of 64 spots. The Hot Shots Curling Camp (now in its 23rd year), links top coaches, instructors and athletes with club curlers to provide world class instruction. Sessions focus on delivery, release, rock-rotation, throwing weight, sweeping (including the new sweeping style/equipment), strategy, team communication, team building, video analysis, reading the ice, and much, much more.

How to Register

*UPDATE* This event is now SOLD OUT.

Registration is $729 per person ($750 if paying by PayPal) and will close August 25, 2019. A payment plan is available to Charlotte Curling Association members. Download the brochure for information on how to register by mail.


The full schedule for the Hot Shots Charlotte camp will be available soon. Below are some examples of what to expect.

Hot Shots Sample Camp Itinerary

Hot Shots Sample Day Schedule

Hotel Details

We have negotiated a discounted group rate of $109 USD/night at the Courtyard Charlotte Northlake, 9110 Harris Corners Parkway Charlotte, North Carolina 28269. Reservations must be made before August 29, 2019 to get the discounted group rate. Call (704)719-9494 or use the reservation link below.

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Additional Details

Please contact Frank Mogavero if you have any questions.


"Hot Shots is an incredible opportunity to meet renowned coaches and elite curlers. Their instruction is invaluable. It is informative, interactive, well organized, relaxed, and fun! Groups are divided based on ability and skill level which makes a comfortable and challenging learning environment for everyone. We really enjoyed and appreciated our Hot Shots experience!" - Bill and Linda Marshall
"I thought this camp was worth every penny and some. I have curled for 10 years previously (in Canada where I am from) but I still learned a lot. I particularly loved the part where they video you doing a delivery and then giving you tips, suggestions to improve. It is an eye opening exercise when you get a chance to see yourself deliver a rock. Each instructor gave me valuable information. I loved the personal jacket too!!! I hope you will consider doing this camp as you may not get another chance for a few years or so. There is also an advantage to you participating in this particular camp as it is being held in your own backyard. Not much traveling. Not much to spend on gas or find a parking spot miles away from the event. Comfy bed to sleep in. Your own of course!!! Ha!Ha!" - Liz Covington
"Attending Hot Shots advanced my curling by a few years, thus saving me time and money. The camp introduced me to more advanced technique and helped me to better understand the nuances of curling, putting me further ahead than if I had not attended. If I had spent the money on two season memberships, I would have spent $1000 instead of the $700 for Hot Shots, so I saved $300 to get to the same spot. While I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results, I am amazed at how much my game has advanced because of what I learned during my Hot Shots experience." - Jim Hackl
"Hot Shots was a tremendous learning experience and exceeded my expectations. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and skilled at transferring that knowledge. Those are two separate skills that don't always go together. I improved a lot in a short time, and know what I need to work on to continue improving. I highly recommend this instruction to anyone who is truly interested in playing at their full potential. I'm already making plans to go back next August!" - Frank Mogavero
"Hot Shots offers a unique opportunity to receive instruction and coaching tailored to your specific needs in a fun and supportive environment. The intense curriculum is delivered by elite curlers, former curlers and highly qualified coaches who are receptive to individual needs and eager to make your learning experience successful. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and recommend Hot Shots to curlers of all experience and skill levels who are serious about improving their game." - Gordon Duncanson

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