1v1 Cashspiel


  • Involve a large number of Charlotte Curlers to a spiel environment where they can compete on a level playing field with wheelers, stick curlers, stabilizers, veteran and rookie curlers.

  • Fun & Games


  • Friday, May 4 (5pm) to Sunday, May 6 (12:30pm).

  • This is a 1v1 event. You play against 1 other person in a 4 end or 25 minute max game. Each curler will throw 4 rocks an end.

  • There is room for only 72 curlers and we have over 300 in the club. Register early at this LINK!

  • NO SWEEPING of any rocks at anytime. Everyone of all skill levels and delivery methods will have a level playing field.

  • There are NO TAKEOUTS of an opponents or your own rock at any time. Any rock that is removed from play will be replaced and the offending rock (and all other rocks that were moved from their original place due to the action of the delivered stone) will be replaced by the official. Although there are no takeouts, you may hit around/promote any of your or your opponents rocks as long as they stay in play.

  • One official will be at the scoring end of the ice watching for rocks to prevent hack damage, interference on other sheets, rock placement due to takeouts, arrange rocks out of play in proper location to ensure quick play, announce time left in game, etc.

  • A curler may not cross the halfway mark on the delivering end to view rock placement in the house. However, curlers can request the official to tell them which rocks are closer.

  • 4 end games with 25 minute time limit, flip for hammer and color in warm room.

  • Broomstacking – there will be draws for prizes during every broomstacking.

  • It is very important to stay on schedule in a bonspiel. These games will go fast and you need to be ready to throw the first rocks of your game at the scheduled time. Do what you need to do to make this happen. Please arrive well in advance of your first game as I will go over rules of the game and such.

  • 1v1 will have a small interruption during lunch time on Saturday, May 5 as we hold our year end board meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


  • $20 entry per person PLUS 1 unmarked wrapped gift valued $20-$50.

  • 3 game guarantee, 1 raffle ticket.

  • There will be a 50/50, Calcutta and other games of chance so bring cash money.


  • Pot Luck - All registrants will be contacted by Laura Miller regarding food.

Volunteers - We Need You!

  • Calcutta – I will be shoulder tapping someone to fill this.

  • 50/50 – Multiple people will be shoulder tapped to do this throughout Friday and Saturday.

  • Bar – Please help us out by volunteering for the bar.

  • Broomstacking Prizes – More shoulder tapping.

  • Pebbling – You guessed it, tapping of the shoulder.

  • In Game Officials – If you are not playing, you will be expected to help out in this capacity.

Ranking & Schedule

  • The schedule will be posted by the evening of May 3 or sooner.

  • This is a Schenkel System. There are 3 pools of 24 curlers. All curlers will be ranked according to the scoring system below after every game. Tie breaking formulas are in the following order…

    1. Points from the games (2pts for a win, 1pt for a tie, 0pt for a loss).

    2. Number of ends won in all games.

    3. Number of stone-points scored.

    4. Stone ratio (stone-points scored minus stone-points given).


Contact Jeremy Hozjan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

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