1712 Cup


The 1712 Cup is the prize awarded to the winner of a friendly curling competition between the Charlotte Curling Association and the Palmetto Curling Club (Greenville, SC). This event has been held annually since 2011 and is named in honor of the year in which the colony of Carolina was divided into the separate North and South Carolina colonies.

This Year

The 1712 Cup will be four 10 end games hosted in Charlotte on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 1:00pm. Both Palmetto and Charlotte will put forth 4 rinks and each rink will play one game. The winning club will be the one that wins the most games. In the event of a tie, each sheet will perform skip stones and the lowest total for each club will be crowned 1712 Champion.

Registration for Charlotte Curling members is $20, which will include food but not drinks.

Current Champions

The Charlotte Curling Association hosted one draw for the 1712 Cup at its dedicated curling facility on December 8, 2018. Palmetto was victorious so the cup will return to Greenville for the first time since 2012. Big thanks to everyone who came out to curl, volunteer, and spectate for another great event.

Past Winners

  • 2011 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2012 - Palmetto Curling Club
  • 2013 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2014 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2015 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2016 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2017 - Charlotte Curling Association
  • 2018 - Palmetto Curling Club

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