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CCA Board of Director Elections 2021

Both elections will run concurrently and start in April and voting will last for two weeks plus a weekend. The winners will be announced at the CCA Annual meeting on May 17th, 2021 over Zoom.

Here are the candidates for the President-elect and the Board of Directors for 2021:


Neil Pifer

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Ever since Anne and I walked in for our first learn-to-curl in January 2017, Charlotte Curling has embraced new members, taught us the game and culture of curling, and allowed Anne and me to make over 300 fast friends. Many of you now feel like you are now part of our family. It's an immense honor to be elected to serve on the Board of Directors and be Secretary of the Board for 3 years. First, thank you, Steve, for your years of dedicated service to Charlotte Curling as president. The first rule in coaching is don't follow a legend and I am running to break that rule right out of the gate. 

In the last 4+ years as a member, Anne and I have experienced growth in our game (USA gold medalists in our club!), in the CCA membership, and the challenge of COVID-19 the past year. I appreciate every volunteer, donor, and especially each board member for the hours of work that we have put into this season to make our members as safe as possible while still allowing us to curl. I can say that for a fact that our board has dedicated curlers who are passionate about CCA and has a great working relationship with each other, even when we don't all agree. This group is to be thanked because they are the only way our club could open this season.

Looking ahead to better times has driven the decisions of our board and our mutual love of curling will allow all of us to thrive post-pandemic. Only because of the strength and resiliency of the Charlotte Curling Association, are we prepared to double the membership of our club in this next Olympic cycle. We, as the board, have asked a lot of our membership and we are going to increase that ask going forward. More volunteering for learn-to-curls and corporate events. A new membership structure. New curlers in many different leagues. I know you are ready to rise to these new challenges and thank you for trusting me to lead us going forward. I hope can earn your vote and appreciate your confidence and continuous feedback on how we can be better. Good curling!


CCA Board of Directors candidates (in alphabetical order)

Jessica Captain


Hi all! I am Jessica Captain, I have been a member of CCA since January 2017. I curl on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I have curled mixed doubles on the weekends in the past. I have been working as a physical therapist for the last 18 years. I also volunteer a week in the summer at YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders School serving 800-900 teens on the medical staff. Serving on the board important to me to provide a dynamic and diverse group of individuals guiding our organization in the best way possible. Please reach out if you have questions. Good Curling.


Julie Dellibovi

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Some of you might know me from Sunday night or Thursday night leagues, in-house spiels or from the original Coronaspiel Facebook curling games, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Julie Dellibovi. I have been a member of Charlotte Curling for five years, after attending a wonderful Yelp Learn to Curl event. This curling community has certainly become a second family to me and I have enjoyed traveling to bonspiels with many of you, curling in leagues or just some laughs both on and off the ice. This is a large reason why I would like to join the CCA board – to have the opportunity to interact with more curlers and promote the welfare of the club in new and exciting ways. I believe our board has done an amazing job promoting, not only the sport, but our connections off and on the ice, and I wish to continue this spirit. I believe that my personal and work experiences with project/team management and leadership could be an asset to the board. When I am not curling, you can find me overseeing the Special Education department for a local school, or spending time with my family – which consists of our future curler, Hannah, and her mixed doubles partner who will be making his debut in July. 


Casey DenHartigh


I’ve been curling at CCA for three years and have had the privilege of being a board member and league commissioner for the last two. It’s been an exhilarating and eye-opening experience to be part of the team that has had to make the tough decisions on how to change and adapt throughout the pandemic. Being a league commissioner has allowed me to be a sounding board for people to come to and air out their grievances and give suggestions on how we can do better. I’m able to bring those ideas to the board and help shape how we move forward. I think we’ve done well in a lot of areas, and I’m certain we can do better in others. I would love the opportunity to stick around a while longer and do what it takes to help us all reconnect as a curling family and grow our membership over the next few years.


Brett Kubricht 

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I have been an active member of the club for 5 years. I am running for the board for several reasons. First, unfortunately covid has split our community and chased some people away. I would like to work towards bringing back valuable members who have left. Our community is what makes it Charlotte Curling the best club out there. Second, as we reach herd immunity, I would like to work towards helping the club get back to regular curling and broomstacking. Finally, I know our club has had a fiscally challenging year. I have started and run several successful businesses in my life, I feel this experience will help bring another perspective to help bring the club to the next level financially. Thank you for your vote!


Jen Mogavero

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Hi curlers, my name is Jen Mogavero. I have been curling since I joined the Charlotte Curling Association in August of 2014. My experience in this sport has been shaped by the exceptional members of this club, having been taught by them; spent time traveling with them locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally to bonspiels; and experiencing the spark of excitement teaching and playing with new curlers. In the two years before COVID, I have become more involved in the care of our ice surface, including leading Saturday morning maintenance activities, and have co-commissioned the Saturday morning league. I just completed my first year serving as our club representative to the US Women’s Curling Association (USWCA). I’ve seen our club grow and change over the past years and believe this is the right time to ask for your support in expanding my involvement in board membership.


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