CCA 2020-21 Reopening Plan

*Update: 9/8/20

We Start Curling October 4th!!

We start curling with Leagues on Sunday October 4th

  • All leagues are being held, with the addition of Wednesday Night Mixed Doubles.

  • We are working to not have double draws, to keep it simpler:

    • Thursday and Monday night remain to be seen.

    • Double draws will likely require longer time in between draws:

      • 1st draw might start a little earlier and 2nd draw start a little later.

      • OR shorter time frames for each draw.

  • Specifics for cleaning and sanitizing requirements of each league is still being developed.

  • No spectators.

  • Obviously, our plan will evolve and change if needed, based on the latest circumstances and restrictions imposed.

Renew your membership ASAP, in order of preference!

  • Pay the invoice that was sent to you via email.

  • Mail a check in.

  • Go through the league renewal process, and at the end pay via PayPal.

Sign up for leagues ASAP, cut off date is September 27th.

  • League Commissioners need time to figure out how to arrange everything

  • Log into the website, click on the yellow banner at the top, and you are off to the races.

  • If you forgot your password or login, follow the link under where you would log in.

5 & Under - GNCC and USCA are likely to build in deferment accommodations for 5 and unders!

  • There is no guarantee, but they are supposed to vote on this soon.

Bar and Broomstacking will happen, just a bit differently.

  • Masks and social distancing must be maintained whenever inside.

  • Warm room details:

    • 25 people limit on warm room occupants.

    • Bar team will take orders and wait on tables to minimize cross traffic.

    • 6’ distancing mandatory, even when sitting.

    • NO BYOB - We will lose our license, whether inside or out.

    • Masks on unless sitting at table.

  • Leagues are going to have some adaptations, see league descriptions HERE:

    • Monday night has a list of temporary adaptations HERE.

    • Expect that other nights will have some minor tweaks.

    • As the leagues adjust, league commissioners will communicate any changes.

Previous communication and details can be found HERE.

  • What are the changes you can expect both on and off the ice and changes to the way we will need to operate – Click HERE.

  • Face masks will be required at all times. Detail on the what, why and how can be found HERE.

  • Rough projections on the club finances and the impact of COVID-19 on the CCA can be found HERE.

  • Minutes from the board meetings can always be found HERE.

New Members – Still need, but recruiting and onboarding will be adapted.

  • If someone wants to join, they can join for a half year, new curler rate (40% off regular price).

  • They would not be able to “try it out” in advance of joining.

  • We have the new curler league on Sunday Afternoon, that we would strongly encourage them to participate in to at least get the basics.

  • Or they could simply jump into a league, like most of us did.

  • No friends and family until we get a process figured out. Hopefully in a couple of weeks.

  • We are looking at if we can we have a targeted LTC. More details to come.

We Need Help with a few things: It takes a lot of work to pull this off.

  • Ongoing Curlgating Needs are HERE.

    • Most has been completed, but some items remain to be done.

  • Ice help needed both to install and maintain. Email Frank Mogavero.

    • Frank is going to help get us set up, and he will need assistance to do so.

    • We need help scraping during the week

    • We need help to maintain the ice.

    • We need help for the Mixed Doubles Cashspiel, December 28-31. Details about the event are HERE.

  • Bar - Need help figuring out the Bar. Email Neil Pifer (prefer related field experience).

  • Get the club ready - implementing logistics for COVID adaptations (lots of stuff to do). Email Casey DenHartigh.



*Update: 8/20/20


The long awaited update is here. Yes, we are planning to curl in the fall! It will look and feel a bit different, but it is the best answer we can develop based on the circumstances that we all are in. Read through the email to find out when.

Our main focus is on membership, and providing a way to maximize curling at the CCA. We took everyone's input from the survey we sent and have developed a game plan that takes into account all the feedback and concerns that people communicated.

For the foreseeable future, we have decided not to hold corporate events, traditional Learn to Curls, or any bonspiels (except the mixed doubles Cashspiel). Even though these things are about 68% of our income, since we can’t ensure that we hold these safely, we are not going to do it. We have chosen the path that provides the best opportunity for safeguarding the majority of our members concerns and tolerance for risk, combined with the industry best practices, and state and local guidelines.

We are going to be using our website as the main way to communicate the details and background to all that we are doing. In the following list, you will see the description and a hyperlink to the detailed web pages that explain things

  • What are the changes you can expect both on and off the ice and changes to the way we will need to operate – Click HERE.

  • Face masks will be required at all times. Detail on the what, why and how can be found HERE.

  • Rough projections on the club finances and the impact of COVID-19 on the CCA can be found HERE.

  • Minutes from the board meetings can always be found HERE.

The club spends about $196,000 a year (mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc.) if we don’t curl at all. This is a huge deficit we are facing, and I am confident that we can weather this storm and overcome this challenge, but it will take everyone pulling in the same direction to do so.

So Membership has been adjusted to help us manage through this pandemic, in the following manner:

    1. Full year membership – Same as it always has been, renew your membership for a full year.

      1. Obviously this is the most preferred, as the CCA could really use the help.

    2. Half year membership – To help members who are not sure they can or will curl because of personal circumstances.

      1. The half year rate is 60% of the full year membership cost

      2. This will be offered in the spring at the same 60% of the full year membership.

    3. Non-Curling membership –This is a full membership in the CCA, but without the ability to curl.

      1. We are converting the “Social” category of membership over to this category.

      2. Full membership in the GNCC, USCA and the CCA is included.

      3. Can vote as a member of the CCA.

      4. Designed to allow someone to support the CCA, stay involved with the CCA, but who is not sure when they will be able to curl.

      5. This membership can be converted over to a half or full year membership, by contacting the treasurer and paying the cost difference between the $70, and what the category of membership is that they are selecting.

Will there be refunds if we close down again? The short answer is yes. Examples of circumstances are:

    1. We open up for the Fall session, and after a short time, NC goes back into Phase 2 for an extended period of time. The board is committing to pro-rating a refund, if the expectation is that the season or the year is over.

    2. We open up, and after the majority of the fall session is played, NC goes back into Phase 2 for an extended period of time. The board would not be inclined to issue a refund for the fall session, full year determination would be made based on the expectation on when we would be able to open back up.

    3. Someone decides to curl in the fall, and for whatever circumstances, does not curl at all. In this circumstance, with notification within the first two weeks of curling, the board would be amenable to issuing a refund.

Obviously, these are uncharted waters for everyone, and our goal is to find the safest path to find a way to resume the sport that we all truly love.

So the burning question is when? Because the state is in Phase 2, until at least September 12th, and it could be longer, we can’t make any hard decision on a date. We do have a game plan that is a four week timeline from the point that we decide that we can curl, to the time that we open up for curling.

We commit to communicating as much as we know, as soon as we know, so that everyone can plan accordingly. Email and the website are going to be the main avenues that we communicate through.

Make no mistake, when we announce that we are opening in four weeks, it will be an “all hands on deck” alert, and we will need everyone's help and cooperation in order to hit that ambitious deadline.

In the interim there are a few things that are going to happen:

  • Leagues are basically the same, with the addition of Wednesday Night Mixed doubles.

    • All leagues can be found by clicking HERE.

    • League descriptions can be found by clicking the link for that specific league.

  • In a few days, you will receive a “pledge” or invoice for your curling membership, based on information in our system and what you were recorded down as for last year.

    • If you already registered and paid on the website, don’t worry, we will match that up and reconcile that invoice.

    • If something needs to be different, don’t stress about it, directions will be included to let you know how to go about changing that.

  • If there is any chance that you will be curling in the fall.

    • Email the league director(s) to let them know to expect you.

    • If you are paying for the full year, Registration for the 2020-21 curling year is OPEN NOW, you can log into the website and follow the yellow bar link, and ensuing instructions.

    • If you are going to use the half year option, email the league director, and wait for your “pledge” to then get it corrected with the treasurer.

    • If you are not sure you will be curling in the fall, but it is possible, email the league director anyway, and then decide when you get your “pledge” invoice.

  • We will likely be sending out another survey in the near future, to make sure we understand what each member is planning on doing for the upcoming fall season. Be on the lookout for this.

Thank you and good curling!

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