Reflections on the Charlotte HotShots Curling Camp

davidPollardQuoteFrom April 26 to April 28 curlers from around the south joined us at the Xtreme Ice Center in Indian Trail, NC for the Charlotte HotShots Curling Camp. Everything that led up to this weekend couldn’t prepare us for the fantastic time that we had and for the top-notch instruction, expert coaching, and dedicated professionals who gave everything they had to make our group of curlers better than they thought they could ever be.

We couldn’t be more grateful to Paul Balabuck, Janet Murphy, Nicole Joraanstad, Earle Morris, Cindy Bishop, Wendy Morgan, our friend Debbie McCormick, and of course Dave Gravelle!


There’s so much more to say and a lot more to see.

In this post are three excerpts of thoughts and reflections on our camp. Two from the Charlotte Curling Club members who were most instrumental in making this weekend a reality and one from Dixon Freeman, the Charlotte Camp’s Pat O Reid Achievement Award winner! Please take the time to click each quote to read their complete thoughts about this wonderful weekend. We’re also gathering together pictures from everyone who attended and you can find them on our Flickr feed. If you have more, please send them!


To everyone, thank you for a weekend we’ll all remember. And “Good Curling!”


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