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Use this page as a quick reference for some of the ongoing topics and events in the Charlotte Curling Assocation. Most of this information is applicable only to members, but keep in mind that anyone can become a member of the Charlotte Curling Association! Just check out our Membership page for more information.


Members of the Charlotte Curling Association can use the form below to order nametags. You have a choice of a magnet back (recommended) or a pin back, and both types cost $20 (plus a 3% fee via PayPal). Just choose your nametag type and provide the exact spelling that you want on the nametag.
We batch-order the nametags and each order can take up to 6 weeks to process, so we will get the nametag to you as soon as possible!

Type of nametag
Exact spelling on nametag


Charlotte Curling pin design
One of the most interesting parts of attending a bonspiel is the tradition of trading pins that have been designed specifically for each curler’s home club. Most people trade pins with their counterpart during broomstacking after each game, but the act of trading is open to anyone who wants to share their pins and spread the word about their club. This is really useful for us Southern curlers, as some curlers in the North don’t even know we exist, and many of them are thrilled to get a brand-new pin that no one else in their club has ever seen before…

Luckily, you can buy Charlotte Curling pins and take them with you to every bonspiel you attend. Each pin is $2.50 for paid members of the club. Non-members can also buy them for $5.00 at bonspiels, Learn to Curls, or any other time you see us!

Leagues at the Dedicated Facility

Omar Van Rooyen will be the board member responsible for league play within the Charlotte Curling Association. We need to determine members’ wishes for the type, number and draw times for next fall when we move to our dedicated ice facility. Anyone who has suggestions or would like to participate in a sub-committee to define these requirements, please contact Omar.


So, you’re hooked on curling – but where can you acquire your own broom and shoes? There are a few curling retailers that provide that equipment and more online.

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  • Peter Zasowski Post author

    Thanks Howard – great catch! Our new building is still under construction and it will be ready in November 2014, and the address is 6525 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte, NC 28269.

    To match the new club, we have a new website currently under construction, and we will definitely have our location and directions featured prominently there!