League Information

The Charlotte Curling Association is looking forward to starting our 2014 league calendar at our brand new dedicated facility! See the table and explanations below for the weekly structure of our league calendar. Click on the following links for a monthly view of the upcoming seasons:

The entire calendar can be downloaded as an Excel worksheet (.xlsx) here.

Active Leagues

We currently have no active leagues. However, come on out to Extreme Ice Center for as much Summer Pick-up Curling as you want!

Recent Leagues

  1. Winter League 2014 (January 10th – March 7th)
    • Championship: Team DeFehr defeated Team Hozjan
    • Second event: Team P. Jennings defeated Team Van Rooyen
  2. Spring League 2014 (March 28th – June 13th)
    • Championship: Team DeFehr defeats Team Cable

    Final standings:

    Final standings, 13 June

    Final standings, 13 June

League Guidelines

Click here to see our league rules and guidelines.

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