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Looking for something new or different to entertain your group? Looking to promote patience, planning, leadership and strategy skills within your team? Let the Charlotte Curling Association show you and your group how the sport of curling can provide all this and more. Curling involves concentration, communication and camaraderie and above all else promotes, in fact insists on, good sportsmanship; the most important and reinforced rule of the sport.

Curling can be played by just about anyone, even those who are completely new to the sport. Your event starts with an introduction, safety, and instruction session. After that, it’s time to hit the ice! Our instructors will teach the basics of curling and guide your group through their progression towards becoming a competent curler. You’ll learn proper delivery, balance, sweeping, and curling etiquette. Once everyone is comfortable, it’s time to form some teams for a short pickup game. Our objective is to ensure a safe, memorable, enjoyable and positive experience. When your event is complete, we’re confident you will agree we were able to provide all of this, and even hook a few of you on to this wonderful sport! Every event we’ve hosted has resulted in new club members, and that is our most rewarding part of the experience.

To receive more information, please complete the form below and our Events Director will contact you with detailed pricing information. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you out on the ice. Thank you, and good curling!

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