Curlgating II – August 30th!


You haven’t forgotten how to curlgate, have you? It’s simple – you know how to curl, and you know how to tailgate. That’s all you need!

Mark your calendars: Curlgating II will take place on August 30th at the rapidly-developing site of our dedicated facility! (That’s at 6525 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte, NC, for anyone who forgot.) Things will kick off at 4 PM and last until the party’s over. Look for membership information, good socializing, and regularly-scheduled tours (for safety reasons) around the building site!

This is a somewhat-potluck event; we’ll have burgers and dogs, but BYOB and anything else you want to share! We’ll even have a clean porta-john on site, so no worries there.

Drop us an email if you have any questions!

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