Dedicated Facility Updates

To keep up with our progress as we build our very own dedicated curling club, make sure you visit the Charlotte Curling Association’s blog! Bookmark the page and check back often – we’ll be posting photos, video, and other status updates as we get closer and closer to our goal.

As a reminder, the future location of our dedicated club is 6525 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte, NC 28269.

Check it out on Google Maps below:

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Check out the latest views of the facility’s floorplan! Click on each image to see a larger version.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions that should tell you everything you need to know about our new facility.


Q1.  Where is this new dedicated curling facility supposed to be again?

A1.  The new home of the Charlotte Curling Association will be at 6525 Old Statesville Road in Charlotte.


Q2.  Why are we building a dedicated facility?  I’m pretty happy with the status quo.

A2.  The board likes our current curling home as well. That said, a hockey arena does place upon us certain constraints that simply aren’t surmountable. First, we can only get a limited amount of ice time. This makes it impossible for Charlotte Curling to grow much beyond its current membership, or run leagues beyond that which we do today. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a women’s league, a men’s league, a seniors’ league, a mixed league, a recreational league, a junior league, a physically challenged league, and so on?

Second, have you noticed the curling schedule is somewhat inconsistent? We have to work around other events over which we have no control.

Third, the ice.  Anybody who has curled at a dedicated facility can tell you that the quality of play is dramatically improved because the ice is so much better. It’s like playing golf at Pebble Beach versus the “practice green” in your backyard. It really makes a curler feel good when the rock goes pretty close to where it was supposed to go, and also helps build one’s skill level.


Q3.  When is the new dedicated facility going to be operational?

A3.  Great question and an even better answer – fall 2014!


Q4.  Suppose I just threw a raise-double-takeout to win my game at our new facility.  Where do I put the curling stones?

A4.  Ah, the joy of a dedicated facility! Just gently slide them to the corner of the sheet and go enjoy the spoils of victory.


Q5.  Wait just a minute, what about fees? Are they going up?

A5. The goal is to have the cost be comparable to what someone pays now, who plays in a couple of leagues a year. The board is working out details on costs and how the membership might be structured. Under consideration is a graduated membership, meaning that individuals who choose to participate more would pay more. Many dedicated facility clubs also have a “social members” category for those who would rather broomstack than curl.


Q6.  It looks expensive.  How is the size of our current club going to support the dedicated facility?

A6.  We anticipate that our membership will grow from its current 85 members to 300 members or more. In that fashion, the fixed costs of running the facility are spread out over many more members. We’ll have 67 times more hours of possible curling each week to choose from in the new place, so growing the membership is entirely feasible. Further, we’re looking at other things to support the facility, beyond club membership dues.


Q7.  Who gets to drive the Zamboni at our new facility?

A7.  I think driving a Zamboni would be fun too, but the honest answer is “nobody.”  We won’t use a Zamboni, we’ll use an ice scraper. It looks like a roto-tiller that ate an emormous razor blade. We recently purchased a scraper from Ice King – and some of our club members got some hands-on instruction – check out our Dedicated Facility Blog post to see some pictures of it in action!


Q8.  Will we have year-round curling at the new facility, like we do now?

A8.   We do not anticipate maintaining curling ice in the summer months, unless membership and participation exceed our projections. Obviously the summer months are the hottest, and adopting a traditional curling calendar is one way to keep energy costs down.


Q9.  How is it possible for a club that is four years old, to do this?

A9.  Well, the first reason is that even though we are a small club, we have an amazing depth of talent and personalities within the club. The other major reason is that we have some major donors willing to step up and help, including one who is buying land and constructing the building, another who has committed substantial funding, and a third who is a licensed general contractor and has offered to build it at cost. Further, we are not done with fundraising! Many club members have already stepped up with their contributions  We will continue to raise funds a variety of ways, including sponsorships and advertising.


Q10.  Will the Charlotte Centre Curling Association own the building?

A10.  Initially we will lease it from the landlord. Fortunately, in addition to striking friendly rental terms, there is an agreement to sell the land and building to the association for the landlord’s initial investment. The association therefore benefits from any appreciation in the property.  Ultimately, our intent is to acquire it.


Q11.  Will there be any staff hired to run the facility?

A11.  We haven’t made any decisions on this matter, but at least initially we’d like to minimize costs and therefore run things on a volunteer basis as we do now.


Q12.  Will the entire cost to operate and maintain the facility be on the membership?

A12.  Ultimately yes, but we do have a variety of ways to offset this such that not all costs are expressed in membership fees, including

  • Events like our Grits ‘n Granite bonspiel can now be held multiple times per year
  • We will be able to hold corporate events on an on-demand basis, rather than working around scheduling at the arena
  • Learn to curl income
  • Rental income from renting out the space during the summer months
  • We are looking to raise income from things like naming rights to the building and advertising spaces throughout the facility interior


Q13.  What kind of donations are you looking for?

A13.  Time, talent, and treasure! In a perfect world, if every member donated $10,000, we’d be all set. But everyone can’t do that, so we’re asking folks to donate as much as they can, no matter how large or small. Please also consider a monthly donation that would be charged to your debit card/credit card.

After you have donated as much as you can monetarily, donate your time and talent  Throughout this entire process, we will need volunteers, materials, and labor. After we have built the facility, we will need help to maintain it, and run money-raising events.


Q14.  Is this a “for sure” thing, that we will be building this curling facility?

A14.  YES! We’re opening our doors in fall 2014. We’re still fundraising, and every donation helps, no matter how small!


Q15.  Do we have a major sponsor that will help with the costs, like Bank of America Stadium, Time Warner Arena, etc.?

A15.  Not yet, but we are enthusiastically looking for a corporate sponsor. If you or another member knows of a company that would be interested or willing to step into this role, please let us know.


Q16.  Will the facility be licensed?

A16.  Existing dedicated curling facilities have solved for on-site alcoholic beverages in different ways depending on the rules of their jurisdiction. Getting a liquor license is one method; frankly we haven’t researched which works best in Charlotte. We are determined that broomstacking carry on, and rest assured that the facility design does incorporate a bar/food area.

5 thoughts on “Dedicated Facility Updates

  • Eric Cable

    Anything north of exit 16 will be too far for the majority of the people who live in Charlotte who will have the money that curling at a dedicated facility would require. And… there are no other exits on 77 north of 85.

    Honestly, your best bet in that circle is the triangle that is formed by 77, 85, the Brookshire Freeway.

  • David Pollard

    Damn! A triangle instead of a circle! Why didn’t we think of that? Just kidding…Truth is that the best spot in that circle is the one that works for a curling club. There are many factors to consider…zoning, access, parking, drainage, suitability of use, and the list goes on.

    For the record, the committee did a scattergram of the distribution of club members. The circled area is no further from the area you mention than XIC is now, plus, from south and east charlotte, travel to this area is against the flow of rush hour traffic, making it more likely closer when considering time travelled rather than distance travelled.

  • Carol McKee

    While we can’t please everyone it makes a lot of sense to try and locate ourselves towards the center of the overall population of the area rather than the center of the current membership. In order to sustainable grow our long term members we need to be in the center of things and that is what this circle does (Triangle is another group of curlers altogether!).

    There are a lot of factors to be considered, but locating ourselves at the bulls eye center of the area demographic, as is illustrated here, makes a lot of sense for our long term longevity.

    Since we live in Waxhaw our plan is to simply move closer to what ever site is chosen for the club. Nothing is close to Waxhaw anyway!

  • David Barley

    B-2 (General Business Zoning) would also allow for an indoor facility. A buddy of mine at City Zoning said they could get creative for parking calculations. They might base it on the number of sheets and players. 4 sheets = 32 players. If there was a bar they could do a formula separate of the ice.

    Up shot being you are not restricted to looking at I-1 or I-2 zoned properties.

  • Craig Fischer

    Hello fellow curlers,

    I am excited to see that Charlotte is making progress towards dedicated ice. The Fort Wayne Club has taken a different approach (the Columbus/Portland approach) and we have started demolition and should be live by first week of January. I applaud your efforts towards a purpose-build facility. We looked at that approach and initially believed our cost to be $800,000 but when we got into the details, our costs went up to $1.2 MM, so I am a bit jealous of you. We moved to a warehouse model that will cost us $300k instead.

    I’d love to offer our insights to you as you move forward, having been through some aspects of your journey very recently. Feel free to reach out to me at at any time. I know that the only reason that we have made it this far is because we had other curlers that made the journey before us available as resources.

    Keep up to date on our progress at

    Good Curling,
    The Fort Wayne Curling Club

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