Board Information 2

Current Board Members and Bylaws

As of the elections at the Annual Meeting in May 2014, the board members of the Charlotte Curling Association are:

  • Omar Van Rooyen
  • Keri Brennan
  • David Pollard
  • John Froeb
  • Doug McLaren
  • Steve McKee
  • Ronda Harlow
  • Brian Keefe
  • Jim Kotwicki

Our bylaws can be found here.

Committee Members and Organization

In May 2014, we officially formed a number of committees to help guide the transition to our dedicated facility in fall 2014. Details about the marketing, membership, events, facilities, and other committees can be found in this PDF.

Annual Meeting

At the Charlotte Curling Association’s Annual Meeting on May 16th, 2014, members were asked to vote on a total of 5 open positions on the board, as well as some changes to the proposed bylaws. Information from the Annual Meeting can be found here:


These are the minutes from previous board meetings, dating back to November 2011. We will update this page after each meeting, so check back often to keep up with what we’re doing!


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2 thoughts on “Board Information

  • Keith Scott


    Who has information regarding the non-certified ice tech course this coming weekend? Would also like to talk about the Level 1 instructor course that has been requested and that I will be running sometime in December or January.



  • Peter Zasowski Post author

    Hi Keith, I’ve forwarded your comment to the people with the answers. Someone will be in touch soon!