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About Our Logo

Our logo depicts a fighting hornet with curling stone and broom. It has been called “the wasp”, “the bug”, and sometimes “the angry bee” but no, it’s a hornet. So why a hornet?

The hornet and hornet’s nest have been symbols of the Charlotte area since the fall of 1780. After the horrible defeat at the Battle of Camden a large portion of Horatio Gates’ scattered army was led 80 miles to relative safety in Charlotte by a local officer, Colonel William Polk.

When Cornwallis arrived in Charlotte in pursuit he found the Continental regulars gone, but met fierce resistance by a group of 150 militiamen commanded by future Governor of North Carolina, and founder of UNC Chapel Hill, William Davie. Davie’s troops managed to kill a dozen British Cavalry before retreating. Cornwallis occupied the town for two months, but his position was never secure due to constant harassment from local citizens and militia. The townspeople vehemently hated the British and the Crown as evidenced by the fact that Mecklenburg County declared itself independent in May of 1775. That resistance, the Battle of Kings Mountain, and reports of increased patriot militia activity at his rear caused Cornwallis to withdraw to South Carolina. It was at that time he dispatched a letter to King George III in which he described Charlotte as a “Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion.” The letter was intercepted by Continental Forces and the people of Charlotte subsequently embraced the moniker.

Today, the hornet and hornet’s nest can be seen as a symbol for the area in many ways. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police wear badges shaped like a hornet’s nest, our NBA team, the Bobcats, just changed their name back to the Hornets, and a number of civic and private groups use the hornet and hornet’s nest symbols.

Our hornet was pieced-together from a number of sources by the club’s founding secretary, Eric Cable. It is used as the Hornet alone or within a circle depicting the name of the club in Cooper Black font. He has donned a pilgrim’s hat and had its stone replaced by a jack-o-lantern for our fall league, been emblazoned on an Easter Egg for our spring league, on a snowflake for our winter league, opened one of its fists to hold a bowl of grits for our Grits-in-Granite bonspiel, wore a hard hat and held construction tools for our dedicated ice construction, and most recently donned a jester’s cap to appear as the joker in our Gritsino Royale playing cards.


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2 thoughts on “About Us

  • Jim Yates

    I am originally from Western New York and have some experience curlIng. I saw that you’re building a curling rink In Charlotte I am interested in joining the club my parents are OCA certified instructors .

  • Peter Zasowski

    Hey Jim, thanks for posting! Our membership options and forms are located on our membership page, and we’re definitely taking new members. Our dedicated facility is well under way and we’re on track to start leagues in the new building in November. Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!